Loch Fyne

Today we drove up the West side of Loch Lomond, across to Arrochar at the head of Loch Long and then on over the Rest and be Thankful to Loch Fyne. The weather was dry but extremely cold, much more so than on Rannoch Moor yesterday, but there was high level blanket cloud cover with no gaps for the sun to shine through. This leaves colours flat and uninteresting on the whole and you can pretty much forget capturing wide vistas with snowy mountains against bright grey clouds!

I’ve got a couple of reflection based images that hold promise, but need some effort put into processing them carefully. For now, I’ve done a very quick B&W conversion on one and left the other unedited.

Tomorrow, I rest. No more driving for several hours to find myself swearing at the sky on a regular basis for a while yet.

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