The Alcoholic Koala

My mind comes up with some fairly odd things to photograph – this set is actually pretty normal by my standards. The idea came to me a year ago while I was drinking some whisky and I’ve slowly developed it in my head until I finally got around to setting it up a couple of weeks ago.

The premise is simple, take a fairly standard product setup and play with it. So the first photograph of the triptych is a straight forward photograph of the three miniature Glenfiddich boxes. By the time I was ready to take the second photograph of the sequence, this cheeky little koala had wandered onto the scene and started drinking the whisky with a straw! Needless to say, he worked right through all three bottles before sauntering off just as I was ready to capture the final image. Shortly after, he fell over and passed out and I can’t tell you how bad his hangover was when he woke up.

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