Bonus photo of the day.

Just one last little photograph tonight…

I wear glasses, which is not a helpful thing at all when it comes to photography. When I’m providing photo tuition I can regularly be found telling my students to make sure they look all around the viewfinder, right to the edges, before taking a photo. Well, if I wear my glasses, I can’t see to the edges – not even close! So for many years I’ve got into the habit of lining up with my subject matter, removing glasses and holding in left hand while cupping the lens with it too, snapping, then replacing glasses. I’ve got quite smooth with it these days… most of the time.

Now, I do have my viewfinder corrected for my vision, so I can see find while looking through it. But for those couple of seconds between removing my glasses and raising the viewfinder to my eye, this is roughly what I see.

Yes, I took this photo deliberately. No, it wasn’t an accident!

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