Pipe Major Gordon Walker

This is a special post for the festival.

The majority of the work I do is candid with people either not being aware of me or not being aware until I’ve already grabbed the photo. Regardless, every now and again it’s handy to do some more intense work with a good subject. One of these sessions I wanted to do was with a piper as he was preparing to perform, which ended up with me chasing Pipe Major Gordon Walker down the stairs after his lunchtime recital on Wednesday. Luckily he is a really nice gentleman and allowed me to take a few portraits once we’d returned to the room his kit was stored in and he very generously agreed to allow me to come along to the piobaireachd he would be performing at the College of Piping the following day with a view to photographing him as he prepared.

As a result, I ended up photographing him at a number of events through the week from the Masters Solo piobraireachd (the first few photos), through the lunchtime recital (the next few) to the College of Piping piobaireachd of the day (the rest of the bulk).

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