Piping Live! 2013 – Monday 12th.

OK, I’ve just about survived the second day of the Piping Live! festival. Frankly, this would be a little easier if I would stop waking up at 5:30am. By 6pm I’m exhausted and end up coming home shortly after. Which, given I want to attend the open piping thingy in some bar on Great Western Road tomorrow evening and then the Festival Club which opens at 10:30pm and goes on to the rather small hours, is not as helpful as you might think!

Regardless, I had a great day and got a few photos I’m happy with again. I’m very quickly being reminded how busy festivals like this are and how cluttered backgrounds tend to be and given I love simple, minimalist, clean lines in photos… this is not ideal for my normal style of photography! Rapid and heavy adapting going on through the day at present.

Who knows, tomorrow I may even say “Hi!” to one of the other festival photographers… hmm.

I’ve selected 7 photos from today after whittling the list down quite heavily. Most of which I’m using to show the detail of the festival rather than the scene as a whole. Tomorrow that may change, but right now I’m quaffing wine and need to get this post live while I can still see the screen. Enjoy, or not, either way there is a comments box below!

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