The first day of Piping Live! 2013.

This year, Piping Live! is 10 years old and I thought it would be nice to photographically document the festival to build up a story of everything that goes on. Handily, the organiser and directors agreed with me and have been extremely generous and helpful ensuring I have as much access to the festival and events as I need. This project would simply not have been possible without their support.

I’m going to try, depending on how exhausted I am when I get home, to upload just a few photos each day through the festival. I certainly won’t have time to do any form of post processing, so the photos will be straight out of the camera – not always a good thing! Make sure you check back daily to catch the updates. The first day was a rather relaxed affair with just a few events to get people into the spirit of the festival before the full schedule from tomorrow onwards. So…

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