Just a few more flower portraits.

I’m working towards launching an imprint of my business dedicated to flower photography. This won’t affect my own-named business at all, it will just be a separate entity to specifically market my fine art flower portraiture and run dedicated flower portraiture tuition courses.

Basically, this gives me an excuse to grow and buy lots of flowers.

One thing I’ve never liked is the attitude that flowers must be portrayed as being perfect. It’s just not the way they tend to be! I thoroughly enjoy playing on their imperfections and making the little blemishes as important an aspect of the photograph as the composition and lighting. You may, of course, disagree with me.

Here are a few quick shots I took this afternoon.

While we’re at it, let’s not forget I love photographing very very dead flowers too. I find the texture and colours so drastically different to the point they’re alive and take on an entirely different feel which is every bit as interesting. Moody lighting can, of course, help somewhat.

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