A cool foggy morning.

This morning I awoke to a rather wonderful scene outside my bedroom window…

…so I decided to pick up my shiny new Canon G7 X and take a walk around Kirkintilloch to see how the fog was changing the area I live. This seems like a rather nice partner to the extreme light project I ran a few months ago around the area as many of the photographs were taken in the same general area, yet provide vastly differing feels. Rather as you’d expect. Here’s a small selection from the couple of hours I spent wandering as the fog slowly thinned and lifted, revealing a beautifully sunny September morning.

Can you spot the person waiting at a bus stop?

It may not be ovbvious – I say may, clearly it isn’t – but the next photo is pointing at the location the following one was taken from. In the following image you can just see the concrete pillars of the bridge featured in this one.

I often sit here to either rest or read for a while. Normally I’m looking at rolling countryside with the Campsie Fells a short distance away – a very pleasing view – yet somehow the anonymity of the location was reassuring this morning. Of course the bench was cold and wet, so I didn’t actually sit.

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