Fresh abstractions for (sort of) Christmas.

One of the joys of creating abstract photographs is hunting for new types of scene to work with. December is a time in Scotland, and many locations around the world, where we have artificial skating rinks in city centres, fair ground attractions and colourful people wandering around. This year I’ve chosen to work with that sort of environment to create some effects I find quite different to much of my previous work.

But first, here’s a single light abstraction from The Lighthouse in Glasgow.

And now swiftly onto the core abstract series I’ve been working on recently. At this point I have no idea which of these will make it into production – that usually takes me several weeks. Particularly when I have two or three images that are fairly similar to one another, I spend time with them printed and stuck on a wall to decide if I’m going to use them individually or as a set, not to mention if they’re all strong enough to survive or not. I’m not actually finished creating images that belong to this set yet, so who knows where it will end up!

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