A Portrait of Scotland

In many ways living in Scotland will be no different to living anywhere else in the world, particularly our neighbours closest in distance and culture. In other ways there will be many subtle and some substantial differences. My intention will be to capture photographs that show both aspects.

Portraiture is not just about the person, but also the environment they exist in along with how they live and work. My original thoughts for this project were to capture simple portraits of normal Scots going about their lives – but this would only tell a small portion of the story. This project will be used to extend that idea to make use of environmental portraiture as well as depicting the locations and events that support the people.

A Portrait of Scotland will explore what it means to live in Scotland.

In order to be successful, this project will take the rest of my life and still not be “complete”. It will naturally evolve over time in style, subject, location and presentation. So it is now time to begin…

On January the 1st, 2018, in the town of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, I will capture the first few photographs for a pilot of the project. Over the following few weeks I will carry out numerous sessions around Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Central Glasgow and the West End of Glasgow, assessing the photographs as I go. At the end of this period I will refine my original idea and continue to expand the project.