Documentary photography

When the process of your work may be interesting to customers, photographically documenting your processes is a great way to let them see what goes on behind the scenes.

Consider a cafe that roasts its own coffee beans. Those few high quality photographs I would provide if asked to take some portraits will wonderfully show an important overview of what the cafe does. Going beyond that, a set of photographs showing each stage in the process of selecting, roasting, grinding, brewing and serving the coffee, before it is consumed by an eager customer, allows a much greater, more enjoyable, understanding of what needs to happen for that delicious cup to appear before them.

Most craft and creative businesses would benefit from some professional documentary photography as it can gain an emotional response from viewers that words may struggle to achieve.

Traditional events benefit from a documentary approach that includes both the setup and behind the scenes as well as the aspects of the event attendees see for themselves.

Contact me now so we can discuss your specific situation and work out the best way for me to represent it.

Portrait of Pipe Major Gordon Walker playing the pipesPiping Live! festival – 10th anniversary

Once a year in August, Glasgow is taken over by the Piping Live! fetival in the lead up to The Worlds pipe band competition.

For the 10th aniversary of the festival I worked through the week to capture both the expected photographs alongside the casual and detail aspects in order to tell the story of the festival as a whole.

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Portrait of Ryan Quigley playing his trumpetBrass Jaw concert, City Halls, Glasgow

The four piece jazz horn group, Brass Jaw, are a lively (and loud) band to photograph.

With plenty of on stage action, the expected highlight photographs are relatively simple to capture while working from the point they arrived at the venue until they were leaving again provided much more of a story to cover the entire event.

Browse the story of the Brass Jaw concert here.


NASA International Space Apps Challenge – Glasgow

In early 2016 I was begining to experiment with both video and audio to compliment my photography and combined all three in order to create a short review video of the event that takes place annually in Glasgow.

While I will be working predominantly with photography, I will be looking to bring short video clips into use when it makes sense to do so along with capturing background audio and short interview audio clips to thread through future videos of photo sequences.

Watch the story of the event and listen to some of the participants talking about the projects they were working on. Small warning – this was captured after many had barely slept for two days!