Portrait photography

I specialise in making the best possible use of location and available light to capture emotive and creative portraits.

A portrait should represent the person it depicts. Not just visually, but in mood and style.

The first thing I’ll do when I arrive to capture your portrait is have a chat and find out a little about you. I will then consider the location we’ve chosen for the portrait session and quickly work out what light is available and how it’s falling. Once I’ve done this I can discuss a few portrait options with you so we can decide what will work best.

A good portrait session is one where we work together to ensure the photographs I capture will be cherished.

Crafting a beautiful portrait takes time and effort. They don’t happen by chance.

Contact me now so we can discuss your specific situation and work out the best way for me to represent it. I accept payment at the end of the portrait session and will happily take cash, cheque or most debit & credit cards.