Roofs, tiles and textures

I’m in the process of having my roof re-tiled – probably somewhat overdue – and the weather has been attrocious for the past several weeks. While the guys doing the work are great, there’s been so few days it’s been safe for them to be up there, so what should be around a week’s worth has so far taken over two weeks and is likely to be a few days yet. Perhaps the weather will improve…

Anyway, during a rare lull in the rain and winds I took the chance to grab a few texture shots using the materials that were lying around. Here are four I rather like out of maybe 7 or 8 in total I’m happy with. Most will probably work their way into my Textures project at some point.

That last one in particular I absolutely love. The combination of cardboard that’s got wet, dried out, got wet, dried out and on and on with the edge of the tiles peeking through I find works really well.

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