First snowfall of winter.

It has finally happened. It almost didn’t. Waiting until the 29th of December seems simply cruel, yet the first snows have fallen for the winter in central Scotland.

Walking anonymously

The snows have come.

I can pull on my waterproof
trousers and my walking
boots. Slip my gaiters over my
ankles and secure them tight.

I can put on my waterproof
jacket and my fleece
hat. Pull the hood over my
head, run the toggles tight.

I can slip on my fleece
gloves and my waterproof
mitts. Pull cuffs over my
wrists and secure them tight.

I can step through my door
into the comforting blanket
of tiny white ballerinas twirling
and pirouetting and smiling as
they realise I can finally walk


All photos from Peel Park in Kirkintilloch, Scotland.

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