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I was given my first camera on my eighth birthday and thankfully I’ve improved, a lot, since then. These days it’s rare for me to have less than a dozen or so cameras of different styles and ages in use. Some older than me. For almost as long as I can remember I’ve loved both the process and result of photography, not to mention getting to play with so much varied technologies over the years.

I began almost exclusively as a natural history & landscape photographer, but in my time I have carried out commercial & industrial photography while studying at university; portraiture & wedding photography over more than a decade while developing my craft with artificial lighting; abstract (of thought as well as of style) & fine art photography, while experimenting with ways beyond the norm to use a camera; and documentary photography, the style I have repeatedly returned to in order to photograph those weddings along with a multitude of concerts, events and festivals. At the time of writing, summer 2017, I have brought my experience with the documentary style of photography into use for local businesses where I can use it to tell their story in a way words typically fail and, in some cases, providing a much greater insight into the operations of the business a customer would rarely get to see.

I am absolutely passionate about photography and using it to tell the story of my clients as well as continuing to develop new ways of using a camera to further my artistic practice.

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Calum Andrew Morrell
Photographer & Artist