A night handheld test session.

With my recent move away from Canon pro equipment to Fujifilm X series, I wanted to spend some time using the new system in ways I’ve previously ignored.

The X series handles much better in low light than my Canon kit used to, so I thought I’d wait until it was just about dark and then wander around Kirkintilloch using only the available light to see if I could capture some usable images without a tripod.

All images below handheld and … sharp.

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Roofs, tiles and textures

I’m in the process of having my roof re-tiled – probably somewhat overdue – and the weather has been attrocious for the past several weeks. While the guys doing the work are great, there’s been so few days it’s been safe for them to be up there, so what should be around a week’s worth has so far taken over two weeks and is likely to be a few days yet. Perhaps the weather will improve…

Anyway, during a rare lull in the rain and winds I took the chance to grab a few texture shots using the materials that were lying around. Here are four I rather like out of maybe 7 or 8 in total I’m happy with. Most will probably work their way into my Textures project at some point.

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Merging thought with photography

I’ve been studying philosophy since the early 2000s and I’m increasingly seeing some of my thoughts and challenges make their way into my photography every now and then. So far these have tended to be fairly simplistic images focussing on a single idea and the most recent few are very much in line with that.

Basically, you can either look at these images and decide if you like them on their own right, or you can spend some time thinking about the possible nature of the photographs in accordance to the titles I’ve provided. There’s no right anwser – this is about how you interact with my work.

Winning Move

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Photography equipment and growing experience.

I’ve been noticing something recently. As I gain more experience in photography, I carry less equipment to a client session. It’s not a conscious decision I’ve made at any point. It’s just sort of… happened. Furthermore, I’ve been noticing certain other professional photographers are doing the same thing.

If you read books, magazine articles or blog posts about a topic such as wedding photography, they’ll likely be filled with photographers bragging about how much equipment they carry, usually along with a photo of a stuffed kit bag or three. While this is great for kit envy and wowing your clients (and, to be fair, being prepared is clearly a good thing), I have to say that in most cases this is simply not necessary.Continue reading


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted something from a new series of work, so here’s a single image to tantalise you… possibly.

I rarely name works these days, but every so often one just throws a name at me and insists I use it. So I present to you:


Paper textural abstraction type things.

I got bored. Then I found some coloured paper I bought a while ago for a project. Then I started playing with a few sheets, my Canon G7 X and my Rotalight Neo to see what would happen.

These are just the quick test images I was playing with. If I get around to it, I’ll set up a better camera on a tripod, construct some patterns a little more carefully and … probably still use the Neo, because it actually does a pretty good job in a confined space!

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For a change, some old work.

My work has gone so incredibly abstract lately that I’ve been thinking about a return to where I began, albeit using a style more suitable to my current interests.

I recently scanned a few of my old slides, so we’re talking up to 23 years old for the gannet, and thought I’d post a small number to show the way I was thinking in the ’90s. These are very much quick scans and certainly not intended to be used for anything other than display here as samples of my work – the colour balance on a couple are shockingly poor for one thing!

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Some fresh work in progress.

I seem to recall stating I’d start to show more of my work as I create it rather than waiting for the usual several months or years until I’m happy with a work. So here are a small number I was working on a few days ago.

This first one is a relative of a photo I took last year, so you may notice just a little similarity in it.

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Fresh abstractions for (sort of) Christmas.

One of the joys of creating abstract photographs is hunting for new types of scene to work with. December is a time in Scotland, and many locations around the world, where we have artificial skating rinks in city centres, fair ground attractions and colourful people wandering around. This year I’ve chosen to work with that sort of environment to create some effects I find quite different to much of my previous work.

But first, here’s a single light abstraction from The Lighthouse in Glasgow.

And now swiftly onto the core abstract series I’ve been working on recently. At this point I have no idea which of these will make it into production – that usually takes me several weeks. Particularly when I have two or three images that are fairly similar to one another, I spend time with them printed and stuck on a wall to decide if I’m going to use them individually or as a set, not to mention if they’re all strong enough to survive or not. I’m not actually finished creating images that belong to this set yet, so who knows where it will end up!

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