Merging thought with photography

I’ve been studying philosophy since the early 2000s and I’m increasingly seeing some of my thoughts and challenges make their way into my photography every now and then. So far these have tended to be fairly simplistic images focussing on a single idea and the most recent few are very much in line with that.

Basically, you can either look at these images and decide if you like them on their own right, or you can spend some time thinking about the possible nature of the photographs in accordance to the titles I’ve provided. There’s no right anwser – this is about how you interact with my work.

Winning Move

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Paper textural abstraction type things.

I got bored. Then I found some coloured paper I bought a while ago for a project. Then I started playing with a few sheets, my Canon G7 X and my Rotalight Neo to see what would happen.

These are just the quick test images I was playing with. If I get around to it, I’ll set up a better camera on a tripod, construct some patterns a little more carefully and … probably still use the Neo, because it actually does a pretty good job in a confined space!

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Working solely with light…

…as long as no one steals the light.

A couple of weeks ago I captured the first two photos in what is likely to be a series of six in total. Two captured, two planned, two still to work out but at least with a requirement loosely worked through. One of the two I’ve captured so far doesn’t work at all on screen but does, for me at least, thankfully work well on paper – so there’s not much point showing that one.

Here’s the other. As (almost) always, the image is straight out my camera with a conversion from RAW to DNG, then exported to JPEG. No further processing has been carried out post-capture.

From this… to this!

One of the flowers I photographed recently has finally died enough to get the final shot I wanted from it. I’ve still to clean it up and prepare it for print, but here it is. You can view the “living” photograph in this post.

Just a few more flower portraits.

I’m working towards launching an imprint of my business dedicated to flower photography. This won’t affect my own-named business at all, it will just be a separate entity to specifically market my fine art flower portraiture and run dedicated flower portraiture tuition courses.

Basically, this gives me an excuse to grow and buy lots of flowers.

One thing I’ve never liked is the attitude that flowers must be portrayed as being perfect. It’s just not the way they tend to be! I thoroughly enjoy playing on their imperfections and making the little blemishes as important an aspect of the photograph as the composition and lighting. You may, of course, disagree with me.

Here are a few quick shots I took this afternoon.

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Abstract textural photography.

Yesterday I returned from a long weekend on the South East coast of Scotland – North Berwick, Dirleton and Yellowcraigs to be precise. I was running a photography tuition course on Saturday and quite remarkably had fantastic weather all weekend, as my sunburn demonstrates.

At one point during the course, in a shady little woodland just off the main road through Dirleton, I had been using my camera on tripod with a longish exposure of 1.6 seconds and using the self timer as I was too lazy to plug my cable release in. A minute or so later I was demonstrating to one of my clients how to frame up a particular scene and immediately realised, on hearing the self timer beeping, that I’d made the amateur error of forgetting to reset my camera to a more sensible setting. No matter, only a few seconds lost and even though it’s a digital camera, why waste the frame? So I pointed it at a large cluster of wild garlic and began weaving it gently just before the shutter opened and until it had closed again. The following image is the result.

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The Alcoholic Koala

My mind comes up with some fairly odd things to photograph – this set is actually pretty normal by my standards. The idea came to me a year ago while I was drinking some whisky and I’ve slowly developed it in my head until I finally got around to setting it up a couple of weeks ago.

The premise is simple, take a fairly standard product setup and play with it. So the first photograph of the triptych is a straight forward photograph of the three miniature Glenfiddich boxes. By the time I was ready to take the second photograph of the sequence, this cheeky little koala had wandered onto the scene and started drinking the whisky with a straw! Needless to say, he worked right through all three bottles before sauntering off just as I was ready to capture the final image. Shortly after, he fell over and passed out and I can’t tell you how bad his hangover was when he woke up.