Since 2006, when I moved from film to digital, I have been increasingly experimenting with areas of photography that I had never considered before. My textures project was one of the first examples of this and I believe this interest is the main reason I have moved into even more abstract works. Since June 2013 I have been developing my skills and methods for capturing abstract images and it is currently the area that excites me the most.

I am constantly considering new ways to generate the abstract images I want to capture and experimenting with different environments and cameras to find out how the results vary. At present the images I’ve created range from lightly abstracted where the original scene is still discernible, to images so heavily abstract there is absolutely no way you could work out what I had photographed to created it.

All the images displayed in these sub-pages have been created entirely in camera. The only processing carried out is the conversion from Canon RAW to Adobe DNG formats, possibly cropping to a format other than my camera’s native 3:2 ratio  and perhaps removing some spots if my sensor wasn’t clean enough! All the images will be presented without explanation of discussion.

Abstraction – 2013

My first year creating true abstract photographic images. As a result there are very few on display.

Abstraction – 2014

This is where the thinking and playing I had been doing through the second half of 2013 began to pay off. My images became much more varied in style and nature.

Abstraction – 2015

Now well experienced, I began to look at varying levels of abstraction, often using the same scene to vastly differing effects. This is the year I came to love the format.