Listen to the screams of the
raindrops as they perish.

Pick one out from the crowd.
Give it a gender.
Give him a name.
Give Gavin a colour and a creed.

Give him a family.
Brothers and sisters.
Parents, grand parents, a lineage.

Watch him fall from the skies in terror.
Brothers, sisters, ancestors moving in
and out of view, swirling and
becoming drunk with dizziness.

Can you see Gavin?
Just above your head.
Isolate him in your mind
and hear his terror as he
watches those before him smash
onto your bright red umbrella.

Listen to the screams of Gavin
the raindrop as he perishes.

Can you not hear him?

Can you hear only the soft
pitter-patter of droplets landing
around you?

Can you hear only the
splish splosh as their corpses
gather and fall to the ground?

You monster.