A night handheld test session.

With my recent move away from Canon pro equipment to Fujifilm X series, I wanted to spend some time using the new system in ways I’ve previously ignored.

The X series handles much better in low light than my Canon kit used to, so I thought I’d wait until it was just about dark and then wander around Kirkintilloch using only the available light to see if I could capture some usable images without a tripod.

All images below handheld and … sharp.

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Merging thought with photography

I’ve been studying philosophy since the early 2000s and I’m increasingly seeing some of my thoughts and challenges make their way into my photography every now and then. So far these have tended to be fairly simplistic images focussing on a single idea and the most recent few are very much in line with that.

Basically, you can either look at these images and decide if you like them on their own right, or you can spend some time thinking about the possible nature of the photographs in accordance to the titles I’ve provided. There’s no right anwser – this is about how you interact with my work.

Winning Move

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted something from a new series of work, so here’s a single image to tantalise you… possibly.

I rarely name works these days, but every so often one just throws a name at me and insists I use it. So I present to you:


Paper textural abstraction type things.

I got bored. Then I found some coloured paper I bought a while ago for a project. Then I started playing with a few sheets, my Canon G7 X and my Rotalight Neo to see what would happen.

These are just the quick test images I was playing with. If I get around to it, I’ll set up a better camera on a tripod, construct some patterns a little more carefully and … probably still use the Neo, because it actually does a pretty good job in a confined space!

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Some fresh work in progress.

I seem to recall stating I’d start to show more of my work as I create it rather than waiting for the usual several months or years until I’m happy with a work. So here are a small number I was working on a few days ago.

This first one is a relative of a photo I took last year, so you may notice just a little similarity in it.

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A wander around Edinburgh.

Yesterday I received a new “expert” compact camera – the Canon G7 X. I felt it needed a decent test so took it to Edinburgh to view a few exhibitions with a friend. The results were pleasing: not as good as my professional DSLRs and lenses costing several times as much, of course, yet good optical quality with punchy colours where the lighting was useful and overall enjoyable handling. I’ll probably write a review of it in a few weeks once I’m fully used to it.

The flow of the day, and therefore the photos below, went as follows:

I love whisky, so this sign was crying out to be photographed.

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Without leaving my garden.

The weather forecast claimed rain any moment, yet the skies disagreed. Regardless, I decided I wasn’t in the mood to get soaked through like I did the last time I ignored the forecast just two days ago. Choosing not to leave the vicinity of my house and garden is hardly an excuse for not taking a few photos, so I played with some texture works in my garden and … here are the results.

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Time in Motion: abstraction.

A few years ago I began a project, I’ve yet to publish, looking at the way people interact with static objects. Sort of. I’m planning on returning to the original project idea and technique, but I’ve also been working on a sister project to sit alongside it which will in essence be an abstract form of the original.

I’m still developing the techniques to get the results I want for the abstraction element, so I’m not going to discuss how I’ve achieved these images for now.

Enjoy, or not, as always with this sort of work I expect a very small percentage of viewers to have any interest in the results.

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A little local abstraction.

I’ve been doing more thinking and playing with abstract images created using low light and camera motion. Moving away from the structured photographs I posted in June, I’ve done some work around my house in the early hours of the morning when I should have been asleep.

While the photographs are all quite separated from what I photographed, I think these provide a clearer connection to the origins than my previous set did. This leaves me to ponder whether this form of abstraction should hide the scene being photographed, leave it relatively obvious or not care one way or the other and take each photograph as it comes.

At present I’m leaning toward the final option as I quite like the visual clues in a couple of these that I feel it can, in some photos, help to create a connection between abstraction and reality.

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