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Photography - Tutorials
Build the scene

Think beyond the obvious and necessary photographs for an event and begin to consider how you could add to them to build a story of the event rather than just gathering a collection of photographs. Thinking outside the box may be useful, but don’t forget to look inside the box to see if there’s anything interesting happening in there too.

Anti-social media
No, you can’t place comments on my website

I just don’t find comment sections on websites particularly useful. They’re typically either completely ignored or filled with pointless and aggressive comments. Neither adds anything worthwhile, yet they can make it difficult to find those one or two comments that are actually worth the time to read. So please, if you really want to contact me, send me a considered email.

Fiction - Short
Nigel and the Robin

A (probably) fictional conversation between an entirely (honest) fictional character called Nigel and a (most likely) real robin.

This was written in 2018 and is still, disconcertingly, relevant in mid-2020.