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If you spend more than the usual 15 to 20 seconds on my website, you'll notice there are a few links that don't go anywhere and placeholder text in a few locations. That's mostly because I chose to develop the website in situ rather than preparing it all before launching.

Over time there will be fewer dead links and less placeholder text ... whether that improves my website or not is up to you!

Featured articles
  • Constructing a lie (Photography) 2021-07-14

    Creative photography has dispelled the myth the camera never lies, but there still appears to be a common belief that some forms of photography represent the world as it really is. I dispute this claim and I’ll examine it at a cursory level in this first attempt.

  • The Replacement (Short Fiction) 2021-07-14

    How we perceive change has a lot to do with our prior experiences. If those aren’t taken into account, well meant and perhaps even minimal changes in circumstance can have a far greater impact than expected.

  • Nigel and the Robin (Political Fiction) 2021-07-14

    A (probably) fictional conversation between an entirely (honest) fictional character called Nigel and a (most likely) real robin. This was written in 2018 and is still, disconcertingly, relevant in mid-2021.