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Constructing a lie
All photographs are lies. No, really.

It was Bucks Fizz that sang “My camera never lies anymore”, though I suspect most people would accept that it’s possible to present a photograph as an honest representation of the world where there’s at least some element of fabrication in it. I just want to go a little further and suggest that every photograph you’ve ever seen was, in some way, dishonest.

Photography • 25th of March, 2023 commentary, documentary, landscape, lie, portrait, truth
Humane mouse traps
Is catch and release actually extending their suffering?

We’re told by product marketing that catching alive and then releasing a mouse to the wild is the humane thing to do. As much as I want this to be true I’m currently not convinced. With the stress of being held captive and then released into an unknown area, is this really the best option for the mouse or is to to alleviate our own conscience?

Nature • 15th of March, 2023 commentary, humane, mouse, wildlife, winter