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Health - England


An English charity providing mental health support.

Health - Northern Ireland

Inspire Wellbeing

This is the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health (NIAMH). Possibly serving the entire island?

Health - Scotland

Breathing Space

A phone line for people experiencing mental health issues and need to talk.

Public Health Scotland

The Scottish Government's official outlet for physical & mental health related information.

Scottish Association for Mental Health

Around since 1923, SAMH is Scotland’s national mental health charity.

Health - Wales

Mind Cymru

This is the Welsh arm of the Mind organisation, providing mental health support.

Languages - Scottish Gaelic

Bòrd na Gàidhlig

The principal public body in Scotland responsible for promoting Gaelic development, including providing advice to Scottish Ministers on Gaelic issues.

Duolingo for Scottish Gaelic

Learn Gaelic with Duolingo for free! Just switch off the gamification and ignore the annoying, constant, adverts to pay them lots of money for almost nothing additional in return.

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

The National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture. Based in Sleat, Isle of Skye and the only centre of Higher and Further Education in the world that provides its learning programmes entirely through the medium of Gaelic.


A new (ish?) website providing access to materials to help learn Gaelic. The content appears to be created by Sabhal Mòr Ostaig with content delivered across the BBC platforms.

Music - Opera

Opera Bohemia

In the short time since Opera Bohemia launched it has toured a number of operas around Scotland. Typically smaller staging than you'd expect from an organisation such as Scottish Opera, but no less worthy of support and enjoyment. Let there be many more years of innovative opera to come from them.

Opera Festival Scotland

Dundee's newest arts festival and Scotland's first Opera Festival. Here's to many years of wonder and growth!


OperaVision is a freeview opera streaming platform, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

Scottish Opera

Scottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company and the largest performing arts organisation in Scotland.